Terms & Conditions

By purchasing online at the KREA Swiss AG / KREA Swiss webshop (www.kreaswiss.com), you are agreeing to accept the below terms and conditions. 

Ordering through a local dealer:
Upon checking out, if available for your country, you will be provided the option to purchase from one or more local dealers, thereby i) minimising standard delivery time compared to shipping from Switzerland and ii) enabling communications in your local language.  By selecting a dealer and completing your order, you are entering into a contract directly with that company to deliver the products that you have ordered online. The dealer has a secure substore area on the KREA Swiss AG web platform. Payment is made directly from you to them and the responsibility to deliver the order is that of the dealer and not of KREA Swiss AG. The dealer is requested to keep you informed of the shipment status of your order, either by posting the information on the web shop order status area, or by sending you an email. Should you have any questions regarding the status of your order, you may check the web shop order status area, or contact the dealer directly. In the event of any shipment issue or general dispute relating to the order, KREA Swiss will endeavour to assist you in finding a resolution.

Ordering direct from KREA Swiss AG:
Upon ordering products from the KREA Swiss AG web shop, if we do not currently have a premier dealer in your country, we will ship directly to you from Switzerland following standard exworks terms. All prices quoted will be exclusive of local taxes and the customer remains responsible for any local taxes such as VAT. Upon the goods leaving our warehouse, KREA Swiss AG will inform you of the status of the shipment either by posting the information on the web shop order status area, or by sending you an email. In the event that there is any issue with the shipment process, we will endeavour to assist you in tracking down the status.

KREA Swiss AG cannot be held responsible for:
1. inappropriate usage of, or tampering with our products. In such instances, the standard 6 month warranty will be voided.
2. claims or promises made by any dealer or non employed representative of KREA Swiss AG.

KREA Swiss online sales follow online commercial regulatations - consumer online purchaser rights do not apply:
KREA Swiss products are intended for businesses or commerical entities only and our shipping and returns policies follow commerical standards. KREA Swiss is not set up to sell directly to consumers and as such we regret that we are not able to sell to private individuals.  In the event that a private person purchases a product using this website, by accepting these terms and conditions, they are accepting standard commercial purchasing rights and waive any and all online purchasing consumer rights.  If you are a private individual and wish to purchase one of the listed products, please contact one of our dealers, or get in contact with us and we will advise you of a dealer where you can purchase with standard consumer rights.

Product Sizes & Weights:
The dimensions and weight of products may or not be listed on this web shop.  These are only to be used as guidance. If specific information is required, please contact us via info(a)kreaswiss.com.

Dispute & Resolution:
1. In the event of a dispute with a KREA Swiss AG dealer, the customer should first attempt to resolve this with directly with that dealer.  
2. KREA Swiss AG will follow the standard payment transaction and resolution rules set out by PayPal or the credit card company.
3. Any correspondence with KREA Swiss AG must be in either English or German language.
4. The laws of Switzerland prevail in any dispute or litigation relating to any online purchase.