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chocMELTER 6kg - Chocolate Melter / Temper

chocMELTER 6kg - Chocolate Melter / Temper

chocMELTER 6kg - Chocolate Melter / Temper

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Gentle, fast control of your chocolate melting, tempering and warming!

The smallest of our range of professional chocolate melters. The 6kg chocMELTER is ideal for small production units and a perfect complement of the equipment portfolio of pastry chefs and chocolate artisans. 

The chocMELTER warming tank has been designed specifically to heat and maintain chocolate at a temperature range of 20°C - 60°C / 68°F - 140°F.  Depending upon the required temperatures, it can potentially be used for similar materials such as icing, glaze, butter and the like.

The chocMELTER warming tank provides a much faster, more accurate and more energy efficient solution for heating chocolate at a temperature range of 20°C - 60°C than any comparable product on the market.

The system works with direct and air based induction heating, applied from below as well as each of the four sides. This innovative heat distribution approach warms the chocolate much faster and more efficiently than the industry ‘below only’ induction heating plate standard  - which take many hours longer to melt the chocolate. Combined with a quality control system and temperature sensor being located ‘in the chocolate’, (rather than just the air void below), you can be sure of far more accurate readings. The efficient, low energy design also translates into significant running cost savings.

For professionals trying to optimise their chocolate quality and preparation methods, the chocMELTER is arguably one of the best products to buy this year.

In summary, what makes it far more attractive than competitor products? Innovation.
·  1/4 of the energy use
·  Melts hours quicker due to heating from 5 sides
·  Accurate temperaure- measures the chocolate not the air void
·  Small, lightweight modern design with easy carry handles
·  Swiss Made- quality, modern technology and more hygienic

IMPORTANT:  Your order will be shipped from a local reseller where possible. 

Rated Power 60 W
Container Capacity 5,5 l water or 6 kg/13 lbs chocolate
Country of Origin Switzerland
Melting Rate 6 kg / 13 lbs chocolate circa 3 hours
Temperature Range 20°C - 60°C (68°F - 140°F)
Efficient Heating Air & Direct from all 5 sides
Temperature Sensor Inside the chocolate container for accuracy
Body and Vat Material High quality stainless steel
Unit Dimensions 40 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm (excluding handles)
Packed Weight 6.2 kg (boxed, incl. container/lid)
Boxed Dimensions 42 cm x 24 cm x 30 cm

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