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TEX25+ with Suction Tube Extension

TEX25+ with Suction Tube Extension

TEX25+ with Suction Tube Extension

  • Brand:KREA Swiss
  • Product Code: TEX25+ with Suction Tube Extension (Art-Nr. 11-151-203)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • CHF499.00

The suction tube extension for the TEX25 enables cleaning fluid to be sprayed from a larger container.

In addition to:

The powerful TEX25 is ideally suited for professional garment and textile producers who require a reliable high power gun for removing machine oil, pen and similar stains.
With 60W, the guns highly effective pulsating jet helps dissolve stains without harsh chemicals and can be used with SOFTsolvent, a mild CFC free solvent which is gentle on materials and employees. 
  • Easy removal of spots or misprints right after detection    
  • Reduces instances of wasted product    
  • Gentle treatment of fabrics with nozzle (match to fabric- from needle jet to mist)    
  • Powerful jet can be used to blast clean machines or other uses where compressed air is not available.    
  • Very simple to use    
  • Rugged and durable for long life
  • Manual TEX25


ATTENTION: As of September 2017 the TEX25 has been modified for extra performance. The TEX25+ version uses a 5.5mm pistion (11-509-003) and a respective pump housing (11-504-024).

IMPORTANT: If you wish to upgrade / replace the older version 5mm piston (11-004-014) or 5mm pump housing (11-504-023) please purchase the SPECILa Bundle "Piston 5mm & Pump Housing Bundle (200-010 17). Combining 5mm and 5.5mm will not work!


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