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Today, the distinctive KREA Swiss logo is recognised the world over for its promise of high quality electric spray guns - hardly surprising considering our products have been at the forefront of the technology since its invention in the late 1940's. The company was founded in 1946 by Theo Krebs and Joseph Wagner in Oberbuchsitten, Switzerland and immediately started work on a new type of electric paint gun.  Over the following decades, the company established itself as the leading producer of high quality and power electric spray guns and systems. In 1957 Joseph Wagner went on to set up his own company and after the death of Theo Krebs in 1974 the KREBS Switzerland AG continued to be operational to be now incorporated under the name KREA Swiss AG.

KREA Swiss dominated high quality electric handheld paint sprayers for decades, producing for companies such as Bosch and Black & Decker for as long as 40 years. 

In 1961 the technology was developed into a highly effective spot removal gun for the textile industry. The use of powerful "mechanical action" spraying offered a more people and environmentally friendly technology which significantly reduced the reliance upon harsh chemicals.  Over the last 50 years, the company has continually developed its product range to include spotting tables for producers of textile and garments, and dry cleaners. 

With increasing pressure upon the textile industry to reduce environmentally damaging CFC usage, since 1989 the company started to introduce various spot removal system which featured mild, more environment friendly solvent and high tenside warm soap solutions. With the banning of the very effective but toxic Hydrocloro1.1.1. (trichloethane) which lifted stains off the material as the banned chemical vaporised, customers were quick to adopt a system which leveraged mechanical action and on-board drying.  KREA Swiss offers employee and environment minded companies with an alternative to using highly flamable and toxic cleaning chemicals. 

In 1998, KREA Swiss introduced a handheld electric food spray gun product range, designed specifically for the commercial kitchen and food preparation environment. The multiSPRAY, with 60 Watts is ideal for spraying thinner food materials such as oil and water, whilst the 120Watt high power volumeSPRAY is able to spray even the thickest of food liquids such as chocolate, egg wash, butter, glaze and even warmed marzipan. In addition to the reliability, long life and power, our guns are produced to meet stringent Food Safety regulations. 

During 2014, KREA Swiss developed 5 new products into it`s food range, including 2 new products specialised for the professional working with chocolate. The heated hotCHOC chocolate gun has already featured well in innovation award competitions, whilst the innovative chocMELTER warming tank uses 25% of the energy of most competitor solutions, heats much faster, is more accurate, lighter and smaller.

Our food industry customers include hotels, bakers, restaurants, patisseries, butchers and food preparation environments, which are supplied by our growing network of dealers from around the world.

After years of hearing how tough it is to train staff to efficiently apply a consistent quantity of sauce to the pizza, KREA Swiss decided to develop a simple to use, automatic, table-top device at a price that offers payback in weeks. saucePRO was launched the Pizza Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, USA. By simply pressing a button, saucePRO delivers the exact amount of sauce for that pie size, in under 2 seconds. In addition to reducing labor costs by an estimated 10-15 seconds for a quality finished pizza, it also increases output during peak periods. saucePRO standardizes your recipe & quality - especially important with less experienced employees. It eliminates the messy, slow and inconsistent manual saucing approach and replaces it with a fast, uniform and exact process!

KREA Swiss has long been known for delivering high quality innovative, time saving sprayers in the bakery & chocolate industries. According to Mr Al Roma, President of specialist pizza equipment distributor NMI, “These products coming out of Switzerland are great - they make it easier and faster for professionals to deliver quality fast and keep to a recipe. saucePRO is going to be a big hit”.

As per January 2021 KREA Swiss AG has moved its company operation to the international city of Basel, Switzerland. Details see "Contact Us".

IMPORTANT: All products are shipped from the KREA logistcs center in Germany (just across the Swiss border).
WHY? Swiss quality products, available more quickly from a perfect intl. transport location within the EU and without respective customs or tax charges!

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